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Back Pain Seat Cushion Review

Can’t Sit without Pain? Try a Back Pain Cushion for Instant Relief

If you are having trouble sitting or experience pain when sitting, you may want to try a back pain cushion. There are many different types of seat cushions available and all of them are pretty similar. However, in this video back pain expert Jesse Cannone, demonstrates one specific back pain cushion that has received top reviews from customers alike.

Below are just a few of the many benefits of the Back Pain Cushion:

Back Pain Cushion

  • Coccyx Relief Cutout - The coccyx area is cut out which  minimizes contact between the  tailbone and the back pain cushion. During long periods of sitting, pressure and stress can occur.
  • Cradling Edge Design - the seat cushion allows the  hips to be better aligned.
  • Resilient Material High-Density foam offers greater support and supports the even distribution of body weight, which can reduce uncomfortable pressure points around the pelvic bone.
  • Anatomic Shape - The anatomic shape of the cushion contours to fit the curves of your lower body.  It’s a comfortable seat that you can take with you anywhere you go!
  • Wedge Shape - The angled wedge shape rotates your pelvis, which reduces strain on the lower spine. It also bring comfort to spinal discs as well as helps restore your lumbar curve.
  • Surface Dimples - The back pain cushion is very soft and  has air ventilation

If you have any questions or feedback on this back pain cushion, please leave a comment below…