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Sciatica Causes – What Causes Sciatic Pain?

In order for you to truly get lasting sciatica relief, sickness you need to understand what are the most common sciatica causes.

In this video back pain expert Jesse Cannone explains the most common causes of sciatica. After you have identified which causes are responsible for your pain you can use more specific treatment options.

sciatica causes

Sciatica causes a lot of pain in the legs, unhealthy buttocks and lower back.  Usually it is a warning sign telling you that something is imbalanced in the body. Sciatica causes can range from things like muscle imbalances, medicine herniated discs, pinched nerves, and often times pregnant women experience sciatic pain during pregnancy.

Stop Treating Just the Symptoms, You Need to Address The Causes of Sciatic Pain…

One of the reasons why so many people suffer from chronic sciatica is that they treat only the symptoms. Things like NSAIDS, (pain killers) will only mask the pain, they will not correct the problem.

If you are suffering from sciatica and want to learn more about sciatica causes, or if you found this video helpful, please leave a comment below.