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What are Safe Exercises for a Herniated Disc?

Are There Safe Exercises for Herniated Disc?

What exercises are OK for me if I have a herniated disc? The truth is other than a few very obvious ones, cialis it is very difficult to say for sure. However, Jesse Cannone, back pain expert and Co-founder of the Lose the Back Pain System, will discussĀ  how you will be able to figure out which exercises for herniated disc will be safeĀ  for you to perform.

The two very obvious exercises for herniated disc you want to avoid are any heavy lifting and performing heavy bar bell squats which puts heavy weights on your shoulders.

The only way to know which exercises for herniated disc will be safe for you to perform, is to first do what we call “Muscle Balance Therapy”.

You need to perform self assessments, or self tests, to identify what specific muscles in your body are tight in your body and what specific muscles are weak. Once you perform these, you can figure out what exercises for herniated disc are right for you and what exercises you want to avoid. If you are performing the wrong exercise it is going to make your already tight muscles tighter and exacerbate the strain on your spine and worsen your condition.

If you have any questions or feedback on exercises for herniated disc, please leave a comment below…