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Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Are Exercises for Lower Back Pain Really the Answer?

Simple little stretch that can get rid of almost all lower back pain, instantaneously.  It’s not a cure for your back pain, but it can give you temporary relief.

What causes most lower back pain?

We have been teaching people for years that most lower back pain comes from muscle imbalances.  Most people with lower back pain have an imbalance between the muscle in the hips and the muscles in the glutes. The hips are tight and strong and the glutes are too weak. As this imbalance get worse it pulls on the pelvis. As it pulls on the pelvis it places a strain on the spine and the muscles that support the spine and creates excessive curve in the lower back.

To release some of the tightness, all you have to do is stretch the hip flexor and quadricep muscles; this is why exercises for lower back pain are so important to help alleviate your lower back pain.

Again, this stretch will not fix your problem, but it will relieve some of your tightness. You then must strengthen your weak muscles. It is IMPORTANT to know what specific muscle imbalances YOU have and this is what we teach in our Lose the Back Pain Program.

Exercises for lower back pain


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