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Treat Your Own Back Review

Jesse Cannone, decease back pain expert from LoseTheBack.com does a Review of “Treat Your Own Back,” by Robin A. McKenzie.

If you are looking for an informative review of the book, “Treat Your Own Back” then you might want to watch this video. The book mainly focuses on treating your own back pain by addressing muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are where your muscle have become misaligned or out of balance due to one or several factors.

For many people this may be a way to Treat Your Own Back, thus avoiding surgery and other other treatments that may or may not work to reduce or end your back pain. However, there are other factors that cause back pain that play a role which are not touched on as much or at all. For example, back pain can be caused by trigger points, compression of spine, nutrition, etc.

The book outlines different strengthening and/or stretching exercises that can be used to address your muscle imbalances. Keep in mind, that you have to specifically address your muscle balances. Muscle balance therapy is something Jesse advocates to assist with treating you back pain. Like many treatments you may have to try a few different ones separately or together until you find what works for you personally. Click here for a video and more information on muscle balance therapy.

Treat Your Own Back Review: Final Thoughts

The book could probably use some additional details on other factors that are causing you to have pain in your back. It could also use some more information on other methods of treatment for back pain that are also non-invasive in nature. Overall, the Treat Your Own Back book is a good resource for addressing muscle balances that are causing you to have back pain.