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Do you Suffer from Neck Pain?

Are you Suffering from Neck Pain and Want Relief?

If you are suffering from any type of upper back or neck pain you may be unaware of the fact that it most likely is not caused by a disc issue.  Sometimes that is the case , look but most often than not, ask neck  pain is caused by muscle imbalances in the upper back and neck and trigger points in the upper back and neck and even into the head.

Jesse Cannone, viagra buy back pain specialist, demonstrates a few simple stretches you can use to give you temporary neck pain relief.

For lasting relief, stretching them in not enough though. You must treat the underlying cause, which are the muscle imbalances and trigger points.

Neck pain and Shoulder Pain

Over time, our bodies as a whole will adapt to the positions we place them in day to day. The muscles in the front of our body become tight while the muscles of our upper back become stretched out and weak. This in turn weakens the neck muscles and the head drops forward now.

The back neck muscles become very tight and the  front neck muscles become weak and stretched out. The head attaches to our neck, and our neck attaches to our shoulders and upper back. There is consistent communication between all of the muscles and each muscle relies on the ones above and below it.

Targeted corrective stretches and exercises tailored to you and your condition are the only way to correct your muscle imbalances. The good news is that even in the worst case scenarios, the human body is never that far out of alignment. But if you have neck pain, the imbalances need to be addressed.

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