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Inversion Table Reviews

Looking for Inversion Table Reviews?

Dennys, pharm professional motorcycle rider and personal trainer, discusses how he suffered a severe back injury while riding his dirt bike. His injury caused him terrible pain. After seeing a doctor who took x-rays  and who told him that nothing was wrong with him, even though he was in excruciating pain,  sent him home with a bunch of pain killers and no real idea as to what was wrong with him.

As the days went on he tried everything to find relief. He went to the gym, sat in a hot tub to relax his muscles and continued stretching. After reading a few inversion table reviews, he then decided to try an inversion table, and could feel it decompressing his spine immediately.  After a week of continuing to perform the muscle balance therapy stretches and consistently using the inversion table, he found lastly relief.

So why did using an inversion table work even when nothing else did…

Inversion therapy treats back pain by reducing the influence of gravity, reducing the compression of the vertebrae and discs which allows the ligaments and muscles that encase the spine to relax. Inversion therapy is known to be the safest,  most effective and quickest way to increase the space between your vertebrae.

Inversion Table Reviews

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