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Upper Back Pain Relief

Got Upper Back Pain?

Here’s How To Get Relief Using Some Simple Strategies.

Lower back pain and neck pain get a lot of attention because they are so common. Why is that you ask? It’s because the thoracic (upper) part of spine tends to be way more stable so it tends to way less common. Of course, if you have upper back pain its important to find relief for it.

The thoracic spine consists of the 12 vertebrae in your upper back the your ribs are connected to, a pair of ribs for each vertebra. Other than an accident or some other sort of trauma most upper back pain is the result of some type of myofascial pain. Fortunately, upper back relief is achievable but first you need to address the underlying causes specific to you and your body.

Everyone has muscle imbalances. They are the result of the repetitive actions we perform and the unbalanced postures day after day. As you continue to use one or more sets of muscles they grow stronger and tighter. When opposing muscle are underused then they are pulled out of balance by the overused muscles and this causes the to weaken progressively over time. That is, muscle imbalances don’t happen overnight but instead over time. This leads to postural dysfunctions or unnatural postures.

Out of the 4 postural dysfunctions a forward head posture is one the most common one associated with upper back pain. think about how you spend most of your day… How are you sitting right now while watching this video? Are you leaning forward towards the computers screen? if you are then you probably have developed muscle imbalances already. However, one you correct these muscle imbalances then postural dysfunctions will resolve themselves and the pain caused by these muscle stressors go away.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

You can correct muscle imbalances in 3 easy steps:

  1. Identify the specific muscle imbalances that you have.
  2. Determine which muscles are tight and which are weak.
  3. Perform targeted stretches that strengthen the stretched out weaker muscles and stretch out the overly tight muscles.
  • Lose The Back Pain system – You may consider using the system to guide you through the process as well as educate yourself on the the proper stretches to use for your situation.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – Trigger points are little contraction knots located in your muscle fiber. These are so common the are consider the primary cause of pain 75% of the time.

Watch the video to get more details about the causes of and treatments of upper back pain.