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Do You Suffer From Piriformis Muscle Syndrome?

Are you are experiencing leg pain, but you don’t know what is causing the pain? It may be Piriformis Syndrome

Some of the things shown in this video may confirm your suspicion if you think it is Piriformis Syndrome.

The Piriformis is a very small muscle in the gluteal. As the Sciatic nerve comes out of the spine and down into your leg, it typically goes behind this muscle. However, sometimes it can go through or on top of the muscle as well.

Piriformis Syndrome causes Sciatica by irritating the Sciatic nerve as the nerve passes through the hip down to the foot.

Piriformis Syndrome

The two common causes of Piriformis Syndrome are when the Piriformis muscle is too tight and inflamed and continuously irritates the Sciatic nerve or the position of the pelvis is incorrect. If your pelvis is not in the correct position the path of the Sciatic nerve is going to have abnormal contact with the Piriformis muscle which can lead to irritation and pain.

In this video, Jesse Cannone, leading back pain specialist, will demonstrate a few simple stretches to give you relief from Piriformis Syndrome. Again, these stretches will only offer temporary relief from Piriformis Syndrome. You must address your muscle imbalances to find lasting relief. For more information on Piriformis syndrome and how you can find lasting relief, go to www.losethebackpain.com today.

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