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4 Exercises for a Back Pain Inversion Table

4 Exercises You Can Do On A Back Pain Inversion Table

A back pain inversion table is a well-known device used for treating back pain.  But did you know that a number of exercises for back pain relief can be done while using one?  Here’s a look at four of the most beneficial ones.  As always, check with your health care professional before attempting these or any other exercises for treating back pain.

  1. Lumbar stretch – While completely inverted on the back pain inversion table, grab hold of the frame with both hands, raising them “above” your head.  Then arch your back forward slowly, hold this position for a few seconds, and then relax.  Try to repeat this motion four or five times.  This move helps to restore your spine’s natural curve.
  2. Lumber twist – In a completely inverted position, cross your arms across your chest, then twist towards the right and then the left, as far as you can without pain or discomfort.  This move helps to stretch cramped muscles and restore flexibility after a back injury.
  3. Inverted crunch – This is just like a regular crunch, except it’s done from an inverted position.  Bending at the waist, raise your arms, shoulders, head, neck and chest until you feel your abdominal muscles tighten, and then slowly relax.  Try to do this up to ten times.  It strengthens the lower back and abdominal muscles.
  4. Inverted sit-up – Just as in #3, you’ll bend at the waist, except the goal this time is to raise yourself up enough to touch your toes with your fingertips.  Do not attempt this unless you’re in good physical shape.

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